Bus Days

I’ve been quiet on this page. I’ve been documenting our December days since December 1st. I am sharing an image I took yesterday (my December 15th story! ), and a moment that made my heart burst wide open. Caleb is my nephew. We had not seen him since August when all of my family was together. I picked him up yesterday from Rawlins before the boys came home from school. We decided to head outside to wait on the bus to arrive. When he saw the bus he took off running. I looked up our drive way to see Dusty running as fast as he could toward Caleb once he made it off the bus. They were running as hard as they could with arms wide open until they finally embraced and ended up falling on top of each other. Dusty has a bump on the back of his head from the fall. Dusty and Caleb are 4 months apart. I was in the hospital with my sister with Dusty when he was a roly poly 4 month old. We all have stories that are easier to tell than others, and easier to understand than others. This moment with our nephew… someone who both Chris and I have watched grow and helped take care of was one I will never forget. I’m going to help myself to not forget it by documenting it in my December Daily scrapbook. I plan to share more images as I have been taking pictures daily. I hope all of you are having a cozy December. I also hope you are documenting your stories to remind yourself to see the beauty through the chaos and messiness of life.


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