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Well, I deleted everything I wrote on this post yesterday. Here is what I was trying to say…

I love being a mom. I love taking pictures. I love being artistic.

I have decided to try to combine it all by taking artsy fartsy pictures of my kids. That way I am killing two birds with one stone. I am recording memories of my kids and fulfilling a need that I have to be artistic. It is a whole lot cleaner and easier then trying to take up painting at this stage of the game.

I want you to know that you can do the same thing! You can find art in your everyday, chaotic, messy life.

You can find it if you just take a second to grab your camera. You can find it even though your kids are wearing only undies inside out and on backwards. You can find it even though there are popsicle sticks and empty gatorade bottles lying in your yard.

You can even find it when your oldest son is pretending to be “the one eyed killer stud horse” from the Hank series and keeps walking around with one eye closed…your middle son has a ferocious rash all over his body from the antibiotics he has been taking for strep throat…and your youngest son just filled his diaper yet again!

You can find it through

the screaming and tears…

the hits and hugs…

the 10 times I say “shut the door please so the flys don’t come in”…

the goofy things they come up with to get under our skin… (like “one two three four knocking on the mean dad’s door” or “hey brother have you ever heard of the mean dad/mom?” while we are standing there listening because they haven’t had their way)

When naptime comes around and the house is quiet. It helps me to go through these pictures. It helps to remind me of how fleeting my time is with my kiddos.

It helps me to remember how special this time is right now with my boys.  

The Rancher’s Wife Kate

“Hey look mom our cat killed an eagle!” Just so you know our cat is not capable of such a feat. She is usually found lounging on my deck set chairs. She thinks I bought them just for her. I think the feather came from an owl.

Chris brought a horny toad home yesterday. We called the boys to come upstairs from the basement. Fischer came up wearing his father’s snowmobile helmet and glasses.Fischer wanted to blow bubbles at 7AM this morning.

Fly Fishing with Daddy…

I bribed Hazen to stand next to the Aspen trees with a Hershey Chocolate Bar.Fischer is always carrying a stick and pretending it is a gun. He is not pointing the gun at me, but at the pretend bull moose behind me.Sticks, Dirt and No Pants…

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wendy terry - August 5, 2010 - 7:53 pm

I tried to “duck” when I saw that gun aimed right at me!! Neat shot…he looks like “Dead EYE Jack” with that one eye closed!
I love the black and whites too!Neat perspectives on those B+W’s
Love to all of you, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW !!!!!!Love, mom

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