Flower Chin Tickles & Pretty in Pink continued…

We had such a fun time with Max & Molly.

We explored in a field of yellow flowers with Max. He pretended that the thistles were hornets and sharks. While we were exploring, Grandma Debbie kept on eye on baby Dusty & Molly. Thank you for that!

Max then was able to ride in the ranger with my boys up to the house. Mom carried Molly in her carseat, and I pushed baby Dusty in the big wheeled stroller. Once we made it to the house, we had a snack of goldfish and capri sun juice.

Kerry and I chatted while Grandma spent some time in the basement with the big boys. Molly had big bright eyes for the first part of the session. We decided to put her in the pretty rose dress.

The pretty rose dress you see in a few of the pictures was the first dress that Matt & Kerry purchased after they found out by ultrasound that they were having a girl. I love little details like this…it makes the picture carry so much meaning.

Little Molly had the uncanny ability to hold her legs out straight in front of her without resting them on the ground. I think this girl was made for pilates! If I was able to do this more often I would have abs of steel.
We then decided to put her in a pretty pink dress. It was so soft and feminine. I tried to evoke this feeling in the pictures!

I also enjoy making storyboards. As lots of you know I love scrapbooking. I feel like storyboards are a simple way of telling a story about your child at the time of our session. Once Max saw our bulldozer he would not put it down. He wouldn’t even let grandma take it for a second to put his shoes on once we decided to head out to play and take a few more pictures. I ended up grabbing a few bomb pop popsicles to bribe Max into smiling for me a few more times.
Once he was through smiling, he reminded me that I had promised him a popsicle for being so good!

It was “non-negotiable.” This is a word that Max knows how to say.

A 5×15 inch storyboard is $25 and a 5×30 inch storyboard is $55…I will include these prices on my investment link up above.
I have made a couple storyboards of Max & Molly. Thank you so much for coming out to the ranch. We loved seeing all of you, and hopefully we can take some winter family pictures. I am thinking of some cranberry textured mittens, hats and scarves Kerry?!? So without further adieu here are the pictures from our session.

I hope you enjoy them because I sure had fun with these kiddos.

The Rancher’s Wife Kate

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Debi Gaines - August 25, 2010 - 6:34 pm

Loved your photos! I would love to order some pictures.

Tessa - August 20, 2010 - 9:21 pm

Great photos! Keep up the good work:)

Kerry - August 20, 2010 - 11:21 am

Have I mentioned that I love these? Well I do. Truly.

I was excited to go home and sit down with Matt to see which ones we need to order. He was of absolutely no help. He loved them all as much as I did. We will never be able to narrow them down, dangit!

Also, Max enjoyed looking at the photos, but was disappointed that you weren’t in them. “Was I playing with Kate?! Where is Kate? Where is Kate’s camera? I want to see Kate!”

What a great day we had playing with you and taking beautiful photos. Thank you Kate!

candy - August 19, 2010 - 7:54 pm

absolutely adorable 🙂 Max looks so mischievous and fun- -and Molly, precious!

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