Diggers & Dumpers

I am a mama to two boys who know lots about diggers & dumpers. Sometimes I think my life will always be diggers & dumpers with a house full of boys, but it is a good life. This life of diggers & dumpers, dirt, sticks and rocks! 

They are lucky boys because they are able to ride in REAL diggers & dumpers on a daily basis. G’pa picks them up in our backhoe or Daddy shows up in the ranger to give them a ride.

These diggers & dumpers are scattered throughout my house. The boys spend hours pretending to be Daddy, G’pa or Cliff our next door neighbor hauling cows or machinery with their semis.

I watch them play these imaginery games, and I know this is such a special fleeting time with my boys. Someday they will be driving REAL diggers & dumper. They will no longer spend hours in Mama’s house pretending with their tiny diggers & dumpers.  

These diggers & dumpers are the ones I will not throw out ten years from now. I want to save them for my grandchildren. I want baby Dusty to play with them because I know he will want to be just like his brothers. He will spend hours playing with them, and pretending to be big like Daddy.

I will treasure these pictures of my boys with their diggers & dumpers. I want to start including special toys, blankets & snuggles into my kid & baby sessions.

It makes the picture tell a story…it makes the picture extra special…it creates an emotion that would otherwise not be there!

So bring those blankets that grandma made, or the blankets that your little one always chooses to snuggle. The blankets that are worn & dirty & falling apart from chubby fingers continually rubbing them.

Please make sure to bring that special doll or stuffed animal that is constantly drug around the house or the dinosaurs & trucks that are ALWAYS scattered throughout your house.

I will do my best to include them in the session in an artistic and meaningful way.

The Rancher’s Wife Kate

PS I also learned that when you play with diggers & dumpers it is important to stick your tongue out when you are concentrating! Fischer is a pro at this.


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wendy terry - September 11, 2010 - 2:27 pm

My new nickname for Fish and Hazy J are the “The Digging Dumper Dudes” …These are just wonderful!!! I love the Wyoming sky in the background, love Fischers tongue sticking out…(Randall still does that too, when he is concentrating especially hard) and that lovely shot of Hazen with his blue checked shirt, and those blue blue eyes!! Gosh how I love those boys…xoxoxoxoLove, GrandMa Wendy xoxoxoxoxo

ava-j - September 11, 2010 - 12:05 am

I love your photos! seeing your sons made me miss my nephew (who moved to the UK recently): he loves all sorts of vehicles as well!

Darcie - September 10, 2010 - 3:20 pm

Boys being boys…in the dirt with their diggers and dumpers…it’s what it is all about. They are cuties that’s for sure.

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