Splendour in the Grass Finals

It was wonderful to meet this family for the first time. They had a difficult year, and now it looks like things are getting back to normal.

We played in the grass, threw rocks in the creek, checked out the real tractor in our driveway, and made sure to give lots of hugs to baby Dusty (my 7 month old photo assistant!).

It was just a fun time all around. We were even able to beat the storm that blew in right after this dear family left.

As with every session I do, I tried to find authenticity, detail and beauty during this session.

While I feel that at times some direction is necessary, the moments that are REAL, unposed & genuine are the ones that I love the most!

I do try to offer a combination of both posed and spontaneous images. I felt like my explanation in the last post of why I tend to prefer spontaneous images over posed ones was not very good.

Usually I am writing in the middle of the night or when I have a baby on my lap that is very good at pressing keys that make my computer start to do weird things!

It is not that I am anti-pose. Obviously some direction is necessary during a session. My job is to give this direction, and then hopefully throughout the session those unplanned, spontaneous moments will come as we grow more comfortable together.

 Okay now I am done jabbering & let’s get on with the pictures already. 

I added a few storyboards at the end. As always, you can change the pictures around to however you like.

Hope You Enjoy!

The Rancher’s Wife Kate

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Jill - November 9, 2010 - 10:19 am

Oh, Kate, these are just so lovely. I can’t say enough! I can see Sean’s personality in all of them and we DID get a good family shot! I’m eager to talk to you about rearranging at story board to feature a family pic, one of us, and one of Sean. I can’t gush enough about how great these are! I love that you got Sean sticking his pinky up like David does in those two shots! I’m so proud to show these off!!!!!

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