Photo-a-day 2013: Day 2

I bought this doll for the boys at the dollar store today. We were in town to help celebrate Fischer’s class party since we will be at the hospital on his real birthday day next week. I didn’t muster up the energy to make anything homemade so the dollar store came in handy for all things junk food! Fischer wanted to have a ‘police themed’ party, but all I could find was Captain America stuff. So we went with that!

While I was on the hunt for party stuff, I saw this doll and thought it would be perfect to help transition the boys into having a baby sister around soon.

My hope is that while I’m caring for their little sister, they can take care of their baby. Dusty decided to name her ‘baby poppy.’ Hazen took to caring & feeding for the baby doll right away.

Dusty just decided to tear little pieces of wet wipe apart and shove them into his ears. 🙂

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Melissa Schwalbe - January 29, 2013 - 5:30 am

So cute about what Hazen does. I remember our second daughter, Rebecca was such a nurturing little girl with our Katie, when Katie was a baby too. Real “birth order” personalities we see in our girls, Hazen seems to have that down pat too!

michelle - January 5, 2013 - 6:35 am

This is the perfect post to read this morning!I got on your site to leave a comment about how much ya’ll are on our minds as baby time approaches! Glad to see you are in full “baby mode” already. The boys are going to be crazy about her, I bet!

Know we are thinking of you – what an exciting time!!
Michelle,Morgan, Shane, Ivey, and Sadie

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