Day 3, 4 & 5: 2013

Playing catch up on my days & realizing that when I place the time on my storyboards it only holds true for that one photo! I’m okay with that as I like the look of a storyboard of our day thrown in every once in awhile.

Uncle Jimmy came to visit, and it was reason enough for Chris to share some of his hunting pictures with him. We’ve enjoyed his visit, and spent every night sitting by the fire while he plays his guitar for us. The boys are either dancing around the livingroom while he plays or begging him to let them play the guitar. Chris has taken him on some fun adventures around the ranch & we will miss him when he leaves tomorrow. It seems that time spent with family always goes way too fast!

Fischer had school on Friday this week due to the fact that he missed two days earlier in the week for New Years. When he comes home from school, I often find these two curled up on the couch together either reading a book or playing a game on my phone. He is allowed a certain amount of time to ‘unwind’ after school. Then they are off to play some imaginary game together.

Hazen and Dusty also spent part of their day eating icicles found hanging off of our porch. Dusty was dressed as spiderman for their adventure outside.

Hazen always holds his mouth this way when he is concentrating. I’ve noticed it lately while he is coloring, and doing his best to stay inside the lines. 🙂 Today the boys were up bright and early playing imaginary games since Fischer didn’t have school. They set the livingroom up to play family. Fischer was Dad, Hazen was mom and kept trying to take TUMs all morning & Dusty was the baby. It made me laugh when Hazen came walking out of my room with my  TUMS. I’ve eaten alot of TUMS this pregnancy, and my boys are very aware of that!

Their games usually change half way through. I can’t remember what they were when they emptied my laundry baskets and brought them into the livingroom.

The pictures of Dusty on his pillowcase were taken earlier in the morning when the two older boys were out with Dad. Grandma Susie’s sister Polly made each of the boys a personalized pillowcase & they love them. I thought Dusty’s pillowcase just fit him. Don’t you? My little red headed cowboy!

I made homemade pizza today with lots of different toppings. My little sidekick always yells ‘counter mama’ whenever I’m cooking. I’m happy I captured these photos of him like this because it is definitely a daily occurrence. He is always grabbing either a chair or black stool so he can climb up on mama’s counters & be included in whatever task I’m doing. I also made molasses cookies this evening, and he was right there with me trying the dough.

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Grandma Susie - January 6, 2013 - 9:01 am

I get to have these three boys at my house this week while mom goes to get the new baby girl. Planning lots of fun grandma times!!

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