January 2017 Highlights

My goal this year is to blog favorite images I take from each month. These were just taken from my deck or lifestyle shots around my house. Hope you enjoy!

Elizabeth is reading books from Great Grandma Sundin, wearing her jammies from Grandma Sue and snuggled under a blanket that Great Grandma Ewing made. My kids are really fortunate to have been able to spend time and know their great grand parents.

In the winter time my couch is always covered in jeans drying from the washing machine. Anyone else?

Elizabeth is holding her bible from Great Grandma Nelda. Her great grandma passed away on December 18, 2016.

Do you see the hearts in the snow in this picture? I didn’t see it when I took the picture. It was only after when I was editing that I noticed the hearts in the snow.

Legos are a big deal around our house.

Fischer turned 11 on January 10th.

This is what I wrote on Facebook so wanted to record it here too.

Our first baby. He weighed 2 pounds 15 3/4 ounces. He was 13 1/4 inches. He was born 3 months early because I slipped on the ice. I remember I laughed when I fell. It didn’t seem like a big deal until later when I was riding in an ambulance to Laramie. We ended up being sent to Denver in a jet plane (because the wind was too bad for a helicopter), and then I had to ride a helicopter to the top of PSL. Chris and I spent a couple of days in PSL. The plan was for me to stay inĀ the hospital until Fischer was farther along in his gestational growth. Then on the morning of January 10th they woke us up at 4am for an emergency c-section. They threw Chris some blue clothes, and whisked me away to get ready for surgery. Fischer is holding the sign the nurses made for him in the NICU. It is really hard to remember him being so tiny. He is almost as tall as me. It is hard to think that when he was born he was a little longer than a ruler. He is almost eleven. I can’t believe it. Happy upcoming birthday Fischer Lee. We love you dearly.

Today she is four. Her request for dinner is creamy italian chicken. We’ve had a nice day, and enjoyed being cozy by the fire while the wind is raging outside. Eek! This is a portrait of her that I love so I thought I would share it. I love the color of her eyes (the same as her Dad), and the crinkles on her forehead. Is crinkles a word? I’m known for making up words, but you know what I mean.

This little girl will be four on January 9th. She pushed a bench over next to me this morning so that she could help me make mongolian beef for supper. It frustrates her when I don’t let her dump the ingredients into the crockpot. She is constantly sipping my coffee when I’m not looking. Yesterday at the dollar store, she chose to buy a wand. It was a $1.99, and she slept with it last night. It made me smile to see her fast asleep with the purple glowing wand still in her hand. One of her favorite games to play with her Dad is hide and seek. She usually ends up choosing the very same spot that he hid in the time before. Luckily, her Dad is a good sport and looks in every possible spot he can before finding her right where he hid the time before. We love you Elizabeth Anne. We love you dearly.

Chris rolling up electric fence in the fog.

Elizabeth cross country skiing with that lovely Wyoming pink sky behind her. I love that soft pink.

I left the juice stains on her face. It seems to be the way things are these days when we buy juice at the store.

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