She loves grapefruit.

She wants her hair braided like I do at night. Here lately she has been wanting to have two braids. I love it because it reminds me of Laura Ingalls, and all things old fashioned.

She picked this cute nightgown to wear for bed (thanks Riata for handing it down to her!).

This entire week we’ve had a folding table set up in our livingroom with blankets over the top. Her Dad set it up for her, and she has loved playing in it. She has her two barbie houses plus all of her barbies hidden under the blankets.

We went to eat at Anong’s Thai cuisine restaurant this week. Her favorite is noodles, rice and sweet chicken.

I’ve been cleaning my closet out, and she found one of my dresses. She wears that around plus adds one of my scarves or grabs my hand towel on my stove to wear over her head.

She loves toast. She loves boiled eggs.

She has found a little bunny to sleep with at night.

She went irrigating with her Dad and saw two sand hill cranes.

She is behind me right now talking to herself, and wrapping a blanket around her like it is a dress. Her imagination is going strong, and I love listening to her as she pretends.

She asks to take a bath daily with her barbies.

Four is a such a fun age, and we are trying to soak it up with the last baby in our house. Hope you enjoy these images of Elizabeth Anne.


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Wendy Terry - May 6, 2017 - 9:42 am

My precious grandchild xoxoxox

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