Moving Cows on Rattlesnake Pass

Chris called me on Monday morning. He needed me to run his dogs down to help bump some cows, and he mentioned I should bring my camera.

I was so happy I did. There have been many times I’ve been bummed I didn’t throw my camera in to the truck on my rush out the door. Not this time…

I had so much fun hiding behind the sage brush to capture shots of the guys sorting cows. The cows made me nervous so I decided to climb over the fence so I at least had a little protection. I actually slipped in the mud and fell on my back when I was trying to walk across the road. I managed to save my camera from falling in the mud. All of the guys had a good laugh at my fall. I didn’t care as long as my camera was okay. HA!

This was a fun morning for me. I just had fun playing with different angles, and capturing things I thought were beautiful.

It’s these kind of days that remind me why I love to take pictures. I love the tall sage on Rattlesnake, and tried to use it to frame my image. Hope you enjoy!

Dot watching Chris work cows. I had to figure out how to send them to Chris, and finally figured it out.

The first time I sent the dogs it just didn’t work because it was too far. We finally drove down a little ways, and then it worked. Puff was running back to jump in the truck in the picture below.

I love how Jed’s horse is sniffing his hat.

Chris blocking the gate so that the guys could start to sort a few pairs and the Herefords off of the black cows.

I see you.


I don’t think I was fooling her by hiding behind the sage. HA!


This is one of my favorite images I took that morning of Chris. That fence I was hiding behind came in handy to help create a frame for my image. Hooray!

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Erin - May 8, 2017 - 9:08 am

I wish there was a scratch and sniff option on the internet… I can almost smell it… sage, and mud and cow and crisp mountain air… such a wonderful combination. Great photos!

Wendy Terry - May 6, 2017 - 9:31 am

Really a nice bunch of shots… there are several that could easily be good enough to be in a photo gallery…
I especially love the one with Lizzie head and hat peaking out of the window in the pickup . The colours are so wonderful.
The one with the horse sniffing his rider is absolutely wonderful.
Also the one with Chris framed between the sage brush with the hill behind him.
There are several more worth mentioning. … but I have to leave.
How about this idea? Can you put a number on each shot so we can list our favourites? There are so many… and I wish I had a faster way to describe why I like be them… that way it would be quicker for us to talk about the ones we love and why…

Melissa Schwalbe - May 5, 2017 - 7:03 pm

These photos are absolutely gorgeous Kate. Loved them all but the ones with Elizabeth hold her puppy are so sweet. The cattle ones awesome, just love viewing your lifestyle so much. There is a small farm just down our road where the wife has Jersey cows, her favorite, and I stopped one day to take a photo of them. I love the big brown eyes they have. I should have been an cowgirl.
Keep up the good work that you do with film.
Peace, Melissa & Chuck

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