Miss Jemima Puddleduck’s Family

For some reason when I try to scroll through the slideshow using my arrow keys it misses some pictures. So if you want to view all of the pictures just click on each one, close it and then click on another one. That way you will not miss a picture.

Miss Jemima Puddleduck has a sweet family. I will not refer to them as “puddleducks” only because after awhile it stops being cute to be referred to as a “puddleduck.” 

This family holds a special place in my heart. Candy was one of the first people to give me a chance when I started this photography business. She is also a kindred spirit. Our kids have grown up together, and love spending time together.

We had such a fun evening with Miss Jemima Puddleduck’s family.

The light was beautiful. 

The wind was just right, and we went for an adventure with the girls.

We traveled to my cove behind the house, and then headed down to the field right in front of my house. I ended up finding another “sweet spot” thanks to them. Aaron was even able to listen to the Cowboys game while we were taking pictures near the road. He just pulled the car around, and blasted the radio. It worked great!

I pushed myself during this session to give this family pictures that were not just typical family pictures. 

So I hope you enjoy the wind swept hair & the moments when they are just interacting as a family. 

The first picture of the slideshow represents family to me in so many ways.

The comfort of family…the wonder of a child in the simple things of nature…the wonder of a parent watching their child…this is the picture I would send out to family & friends!

I added a few storyboards at the end, and can switch the pictures around to how ever you like.

The Rancher’s Wife Kate

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Tessa - September 28, 2010 - 3:10 pm

Kate, these are so pretty. I know I keep saying this but you just can’t take these kind of pictures in a studio. Nothing beats the great outdoors…..you can almost smell the fresh air and feel the golden autumn light!

The Rancher's Wife Kate - September 27, 2010 - 7:13 am

Thank you all for your kind comments. My main goal during a session is to capture personality & emotion. I work really hard to do this every time I head out to take pictures!

BETTE LU LERWICK - September 23, 2010 - 4:31 pm

Wow! You have done so well in capturing personality in these photos. You are so right–the love of parents for each other, the love of a child, and the security of it all–it is in these photos. Diane sent the site to me. BL

grma :) - September 21, 2010 - 5:11 pm

I missed out a few whole days without knowing there were more pictures up!!! am I ever lonesome for two little personalities! perfect descriptions Kate and love them all. really like the collages. ditto to all the previous comments 🙂 so precious.

Kristy - September 18, 2010 - 11:13 pm

These are spectacular! I love it!

Jen - September 17, 2010 - 10:27 pm

Oops…forgot to mention that this is “Jen M”. 🙂 🙂 I know that you know a few “Jen’s”!! 🙂

Jen - September 17, 2010 - 10:24 pm

Kate, these are GREAT!!! They’re such a great family, though, so it’s NO surprise that you were able to capture that in these photos. I absolutely ADORE the three-picture collage of Blaire and laughed when Candy mentioned in her comment that B was chewing gum! I’d have never guessed!! 🙂

I really do think that you did a great job of catching BOTH Amelia’s & Blaire’s individual personalities and I’m SO glad that you shared so many of the shots with us!!! Thank you!!

heidi - September 17, 2010 - 9:51 pm

oh, and i had to chuckle about aaron listening to the cowboy’s game throughout it all! that’s so classic!

heidi - September 17, 2010 - 9:49 pm

oh kate, i really love these photos!! you do a great job of capturing natural expressions. i love a’s huge grin in the one with a&c on each side of her:)

candy - September 17, 2010 - 8:52 pm

We are so excited about these 🙂 Beautiful job….we love the natural style. I need to call you. But before I forget…I love how the ones of B with gum in her mouth turned out! 🙂 I was secretly worried that it was going to be a problem when she grabbed it from A and started chomping…but the series is so cute.
Ahhhh…great experience, great finished product.
Love ya!

lynn ann - September 17, 2010 - 8:20 pm

Wow Kate. These are fantastic!!!! Love love love them.

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