Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you all had a relaxing and restful day. We sure did. This image was actually taken at my mom’s house, but it pretty much sums up our day. The boys did dress up in their carharts to go feeding with Dad, but once they came home they decided to wear only undies and sit by the fire.

I gave them a haircut today, and then a bath. They are fresh and full of turkey, potatoes and gravy. We decided to stay home, and just have Thanksgiving with our little family. The weather has been frightful around here lately, and it was nice to not have to worry about traveling.

Usually I am ready to go anywhere, and see anybody but I am glad we stayed home today. We had a simple, easy going Thanksgiving. I just put the turkey in this morning, and made cheesy potatoes. They are really easy, and no mashing is involved. The boys had homemade apple cider when they came in from feeding too. That was a treat, and something I plan to do every Thanksgiving.

 We used plastic cups from Wal-Mart, and our regular old plates. The boys kept telling Chris and I “this is a really good Thanksgiving!” and “this is ummy Mommy!” (ummy=yummy) 

We all took a nap after lunch. We kept the fire going. My husband thought that the windchill yesterday was -30. I felt sorry for the cows, and all the other animals that had to face that kind of cold.

I know one tradition that I plan to continue from now on…keep it simple and don’t stress about trying to make all the traditional stuff for Thanksgiving. I think I will make cheesy potatoes from now on!!! Chris actually made the gravy for the turkey, and that is fine by me. It was really good even on the cheesy potatoes.

Here is the recipe if you are interested for the cheesy potatoes:

1 can cream of chicken soup

1 container full of sour cream

1 bag of frozen hashbrowns

1 bag of shredded chedder cheese

Dump half the bag of hashbrowns into a 9×13 inch pan, mix the cream of chicken soup and sour cream together…sometimes I add a TexJoy seasoning to the mixture to give it a little more flavor…dump it over the top of the hashbrowns, and then pour the rest of the bag of hashbrowns over the top.

I then dump the entire bag of shredded chedder cheese over the top, and voila it is done! You can make these potatoes in less then 5 minutes. I bring these potatoes to lots of potlucks too.

I cook it in the oven at 350 for 45 minutes or so…

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving.

The Rancher’s Wife Kate

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Jen - November 25, 2010 - 11:28 pm

Very nice, Kate!! I know just the relief you’re talking about when it comes to not even having to worry about going out in possible bad weather! 🙂 I’m glad that you thoroughly enjoyed your day! I was at Karen & Wava’s all day and just got home a half hour ago (at 11 PM!!). We had a wonderful day together. It was me, Karen’s two brothers & sisters with their spouses, Karen’s kids and their family and then Karen & Wava. It was nice! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving, friend!!

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