Thank You

“A successful portrait is the side effect of a strong human connection.” Cheryl Jacobs Nicolai

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is forever…it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” Aaron Siskind

My husband is going to read this post out loud to me because he likes to tease me about how sappy & sentimental I am.

Oh well. I am sappy. I am sentimental. I’m also a girl who likes pink, shopping, ruffles & wearing high heels!…even though I’m usually seen wearing bog boots because high heels are just not practical on the ranch. 

This is just a thank you note to all of you for supporting me this past year.

Last December, I received my first DSLR camera in the mail (Sony a330 with a 50mm1.8 lense) with the hope of starting a photography business called The Rancher’s Wife’s Photography.

I had no idea what the response would be. I just knew that I had a dream, and I knew I would always regret it if I just didn’t take the chance and go for it.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of support I have received all year.

Thanks to my clients for choosing me in the first place & allowing me to capture something so dear to them. I have met so many wonderful people that I would not have otherwise.

It’s like that quote says above. I have become friends with all of my clients. I enjoy checking in on them, and seeing what they are up to. I look forward to taking pictures of their family this coming year, and staying in touch for years to come.   

Thanks to my blogger friends near and far for always taking the time to leave a comment. Thanks to the lurkers for checking in on me.

Thanks to my family and friends for giving me a chance to take pictures for them to build my portfolio. Thanks to my mama for always leaving encouraging words or messages on my answering machine about my pictures.

Thanks to my mother-in-law for helping me take care of my boys while I was out on a photoshoot. Thanks to baby Dusty for being such a wonderful photo assistant. He never once wrecked a shoot for me, and more often then not helped the little ones open up and have fun. I remember distinctly when a little girl (Eve) could not stop hugging and kissing him throughout our photoshoot.

Thanks to all of my photographer friends for supporting me & answering all of my questions.

Thanks to my husband for his encouragement & advice.

I am looking forward to 2011. 

These are some of the first pictures I’ve taken since the New Year. It is my way of remembering the little details about baby Dusty.

I want to give my clients the same detail during their photoshoot so they can remember the little things about their family and little ones.

Hope You Enjoy!

The Rancher’s Wife Kate


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wendy terry - September 18, 2011 - 7:21 am

Thank you Katydid…you just have no idea just how special these are to me, and to all of those who are lucky enough to see these. A momma far away, who wishes to be closer. These are a godsend. I am able to “be there” through your pics…I know it’s not the same as my being there for you, but realize just what a gift it is that your talent provides to those who see your pics and story boards…it brings us all back to our own times, in our minds eye, when we raised our own. Each time I see these, I feel a lump rise in my throat, and a warmth in my chest to remember those lovely times we had. THANK YOU for giving me these lovely memories.xoxoxoxoI love you honey, love to all, mom

wendy terry - January 9, 2011 - 10:42 am

How incredibly precious!!! Those auburn curls have already captured more than one female heart! xoxoxoxoxo Love to all, Gma Wendy

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