Oh for the love of teaching…

On Saturday I took a huge leap, and held a workshop. Wyoming Weather is hard to predict especially in February.

So I just planned the day, and held my breath hoping the ladies could make it.

I planned and worked on a workbook that held inspirational quotes, and information on how to make them think about using their camera. I also included the picture you see above in the workbook.

I had a dear friend make me some adorable cards that simply said “Shoot from the Heart.”

Then on the morning of the workshop it was still outside…

I made some peanut butter cookies (from a package I bought at the store!), and my sister came out with baby Caleb to help me with my boys.

My hubby was busy preg checking cows…so I was happy that Em could come out.

I had 6 ladies show up. It was so. much. fun.

It was wonderful to watch the ‘lightbulb click,’ and see how they stopped being intimidated by their camera. I will never forget the way I felt when I first received my camera. It was overwhelming to try to make sense of all the buttons on top of deciding what aperture, shutter speed or ISO setting to choose. 

It was my goal to make these ladies understand that you can control the camera (not the camera control you!), and create better pictures with just a few small steps.

Every single lady figured out how to shoot manually…it didn’t matter if they had a point and shoot camera or a DSLR.

I absolutely loved teaching, and sharing my passion for photography. These ladies are at the same point I was at last year. It was inspiring to step back and become an observer as they went to town shooting and practicing with their cameras. We also had some pretty cute models.

I didn’t shoot that much during the workshop, but wanted to share a few of my favorites that I either took before the workshop started or during the workshop. 

If you are interested in joining us in May please email me at rancherswifesphoto@carbonpower.net. It doesn’t matter if you are just beginning, a mom or dad who just wants to take better pictures of their kiddos or someone who wants to start to learn how to take professional pictures for others.

Everyone is welcome!

The cost of the one day workshop is $80. I’m planning on heading outside for the May workshop. The date for the next workshop is May 7, 2011.

Please plan on bringing a coat, a sack lunch, your camera book, your camera & an open mind. The workshop will start at 10AM, and plan on being here most of the day.

I also have some annoucements to make during the May Workshop about a new set of classes I am going to offer. I can’t wait!

Hope to see your there…

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wendy terry - January 27, 2012 - 6:29 am

This was Last February? How did i miss this series? I LOVE theseshots and your stories that really help me feel the momentxoxoxoxomom

Annie - February 28, 2011 - 4:24 pm

I had such a *GREAT* time Kate!! I have thanked you a million times, but here it is again! THANK YOU!!! May can not come fast enough!!!! Those babies will be walking by then! Wonderful day!

angie - February 28, 2011 - 2:24 pm

good for you kate! looks like a wonderful time was had by all 🙂

krystle - February 28, 2011 - 1:49 pm

wow, this is wonderful!!! i’m so glad you had such a good experience with it, I’ve had some mom’s locally ask me about this sort of thing and I’ve been scared to take the leap myself. BTW I adore those little chubby baby feet!!!

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