Annoucement about upcoming workshops & mentoring…

There are lots of new announcements so be sure to read through my entire post!

One on One Mentoring: $200 for 4 hours

This is one on one mentoring designed to fit exactly what you want to learn…Photoshop? Light? Taking more creative photos?

I will spend 4 hours of a day helping you fine tune your skills with your camera, and editing to help you achieve a style that is authentically yours!

Photoshop or Photoshop Elements Workshop: $200 for 4 hours for 1 student; if you can find 2 people interested I will lower the cost to $175 per person; if you can find 3 people interested I will lower the cost to $150

I will allow a maximum of 4 people at $125 per person for the 4 hour class!  

This workshop is specifically designed to help you figure out how to use either PSE or PS. Have you purchased these programs only to find that you don’t know where to start to open a picture and begin to edit it?

This class if for you! Do you know how to take a SOOC (straight out of camera; don’t be embarrased if you don’t know what that means I had to google it the first time I saw it!) picture and fine tune it to make it something extra special?

The next group workshop is scheduled for May 7, 2011. The cost of the workshop is $80.

After that workshop is over, I am going to start offering differing levels of  group workshops.

Level 1: Beginner $80

How do you know which level to choose?
Beginner: Do you know how to shoot manually? Do you even know what manual mode is? Do you know how manual mode can affect the light in your pictures?
If you can’t answer these questions than the beginner class is for you.

Level 2: Intermediate $80

Do you understand how composition can affect your photo? Do you know how to shoot manually, but you are just beginning?

Do you want to learn more about light? Do you want to start to define your style and what makes your photography different than the competition?

Level 3: Advanced $80

Do you want to take your photos to the next level? Are you interested in taking professional pictures for others? How can you make your photos more creative? How can you define your style to make it authentically yours?

If you are interested please email me at

Can’t wait to meet you!

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