A New Perspective

This past week while Dad was out late riding for stray cattle, I decided to capture a few images of each of my boys.

I’m sure if anyone was watching me on the county road they would have been a little curious what I was up to & wondered why I kept starting and stopping my car so much.

I was in search of yellow sage, a wire fence & a dirt road.

All of these things are easily overlooked where we live. They are things that we see everyday.

Something that has inspired me lately is just looking at things with a fresh perspective. I find this especially easy to do when the sun is setting or rising. It seems that during this time the light can take an ordinary object or place or subject & just make them shine. So we packed up after Fischer was home from school on Thursday evening, and went for a little adventure.

I decided the images we captured this evening will be Fischer’s kindergarten school pics for the year. I love the bokeh surrounding him from the wired fence & also how the hay in front of his shirt created bokeh.

his freckles, his dimple, his sweet smile

all of these things I’ve seen before but on this night they became new again



on this evening I noticed the color of Hazen’s green eyes, how much he looks like his Daddy, how big he acts now that he is the biggest one at home

and I noticed that my Dusty blue boy is no longer a baby…he still has a bit of the sweet chub left, but he is now a toddler…

the baby stage went really fast, and now my boy is walking like a ‘puddleduck,’ climbing on everything, dumping chip bags, eating sticks & rocks

Roly Poly, Pell Mell, Tumble Bumble is my little boy!


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Mo - September 19, 2011 - 7:34 pm

Great pictures Kate!! Missed seeing you in Elk Mtn when I was there, but really enjoyed some time around Dusty! He is hilarious! 🙂

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